Passport Application Forms 



Application for reissue / New passport

Original Passport (including subsequent additional booklets if any)
·   New Passport Form_1.pdf 
·   3 latest passport-size photographs (Please See Photograph Requirements Document)
·   Copy of iqama
·   If passport is renewed after 3 years from the date of expiry, an affidavit (AFF 7.pdf) is to be filled.
-  Documents in Arabic should be accompanied with typed English translation from authorized translator
Form 1.doc

Photo Details

AFF 7.doc
2. Passport for Minors
are issued passports for 5 years or up to attaining 18 years, whichever is earlier.  Passport applications (Form_1.pdf), along with passport copies of parents, should be signed by both parents.  Minor should affix his/her signature or thumb impression in the “Signature Boxes”.

Note :  THE CHILD SHOULD BE PERSONALLY PRESENT AT THE APPLICATION CENTRE AT THE TIME OF SUBMITTING PASSPORT APPLICATION.  Under no circumstances should the parents try to obtain passport service for a child who is not present in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Form 1.doc
3. Issue of Passport to New Born Child and Birth Registration

·  New Passport form (Form_1.pdf) duly signed by both parents (Child's thumb impression should be affixed in the “Signature Boxes”)
·  Birth certificate from M/o Health along with its English  translation in original
·  Birth registration application and Certificate of Entry forms (Forms 4.pdf ) (Birth certificate should be filled in duplicate – one copy is returned to the applicant after registration)
·  Father’s/Mother’s passport with their names on each other's passport.
·  Photocopy of Father’s and Mother’s Passport
·  Copy of marriage certificate duly attested by Home/GA Department of the State Government concerned if husband’s name is not included in wife’s passport
·  Three (3) passport size photographs of the child (Please See Photograph Requirements Document)
·  Affidavit of Parents for Separate Passport in Favour of Minor Child –   Form4A.pdf  (to be signed by both parents if residing in KSA), or
·  Affidavit (AFF 2.pdf) signed by one parent if the other parent’s signature cannot be obtained, or
·  Affidavits (AFF 3A.pdf AFF 3B.pdf) if one parent is a non-Indian
Form 1.doc
Form 4.doc


4. Passport in lieu of lost or stolen passport

·    New passport form (Form_1.pdf)
·    Jawazat/Police Report along with its authorized English translation
·    Jawazat Print-out of Passport/ Personal particulars with English translation
·    Sponsor’s letter
·    Lost passport Affidavit,
·    PP form with photo affixed on it  (Form 3.pdf   Form 3.doc)
·    Photocopy of passport
·    Copy of Iqama or Identity card or Driving license
·    Four ( 4 ) Identical recent passport size photographs. (Please See Photograph Requirements Document)
Form 1.doc

Form 3.pdf

5. Passport in lieu of Damaged Passport:

·    New passport form (Form_1.pdf)
·    Damaged Passport
.    Passport copy of damaged passport
·    Sponsor’s letter
·    Damaged passport Affidavit,
·    PP form (Form 3.pdf Form 3.doc)
·    Copy of Iqama or Identity card or Driving license
·    Four ( 4 ) Identical recent passport size photographs
.    Printout from Saudi Jawazat with English translation if the  passport particulars and the photograph are not legible.
Form 1.doc

Form 3.pdf
Form 3.doc

6. Emergency Certificate

Requirements for issue of an Emergency Certificate for one-way travel to India in case of non-availability of a valid Passport with the applicant and where a new passport cannot be issued immediately:-
·    Emergency Certificate Form (Form 5.pdf)
·    Letter from sponsor.
·    Affidavit regarding Nationality
·    Proof of Identity / Passport copy / Driving License, etc.
·    Four ( 4 ) Identicalrecent passport size photographs. (Please See Photograph Requirements Document)
Form 5.pdf


Visa Application Form

Online Visa Application Form can be accessed at

Attestation Forms



Sponsorship Declaration                   Format1.pdf | Format1.doc


Change of Profession AFF9.pdf | AFF9.doc


Change of Religion AFF10.pdf |AFF10.doc


Affidavit for obtaining Child's Passport in India AFF1.pdf | AFF1.doc