Issue of Emergency Certificate for one-way travel to India 

Applications for issue of Emergency Certificate are accepted in the Embassy between 0900 - 1300 hrs.

Requirements for issue of an Emergency Certificate for one-way travel to India in case of non-availability of a valid Passport with the applicant and where a new passport cannot be issued immediately:-

·    Emergency Certificate Form (EA(P)-4.pdf)
·    Letter from sponsor undertaking to get exit visa issued.
·    Affidavit regarding Nationality
·    Copy of Passport and Original Passport if available.
·    Two (2) Identical recent passport size photographs. 

Fees: SR 57 + SR 8 (ICWF fees).  
Time Taken: Same day delivery.

1.    All fees are to be paid in Saudi Riyals in Cash at the Counter along with application form.  Fees once paid are not refunded, even if the application is withdrawn or the service refused for whatsoever reasons.
2.    It may be noted that issue of Emergency Certificate is intended for one way travel to India only and results in cancellation of existing passport of the holder.  On arrival in India, he/she will have to contact the concerned Passport Issuing Authority in India for issue of new passport.