(Ministry of Health and Family Welfare)



            The vision of the Department of Health Research (Ministry of Health & Family Welfare) is to bring modern health technology to the people through innovations related to diagnostic, treatment methods and vaccines for prevention and to coordinate the research activities in the different areas of Health Research in the country. The country has attained considerable progress in biomedical research and patient care and management over the years but new emerging infections, resistance of the causative agents to existing common drugs coupled with emergence of non-communicable diseases like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, mental and neurological disorders, poses a new challenge to the medical and scientific fraternity.

Objectives of the scheme

1. To increase the overall availability of trained personnel for health research from

Medical colleges across   the  country  through  scholarships,  fellowships    and  career

Advancement scheme etc. for faculty and young medical doctors and other scientists to

take up medical and health research as a career.

2. To focus on the creation of a cadre of trained medical/health researchers in specific Identified priority areas of health research viz., Clinical Trials; Toxicology; Good

Clinical   Practices (GCP);  Good  Laboratory  Practices  (GLP);  Quality Control  (QC) &

QA;   Genomics;   Proteomics;   Clinical   Psychology,    Geriatrics;    Modern     Biology;

Biotechnology; Stem cells; Genetics;   Drugs chemistry;   and operational  research etc..

3. To create, support, nurture and encourage the trainees from these medical colleges to forge linkages with other scientists from universities, research institutes etc. to develop multidisciplinary and multi-sectorial teams necessary for addressing critical national and local health problems.

4. To establish suitable online teaching and learning facilities to facilitate training in

Health research  in  various  subjects  in  a  more  effective  manner  and  for promoting

Biomedical/ Health research.



Areas for fellowship:



Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA


Modern Biology





Stem cell research.

Drugs Chemistry

Clinical Trials

Operational Research

Good Clinical Practices (GCP)

Health Informatics

Good laboratory Practices (GLP)

Medical Ethics

Disease Modeling

Health Economics

Environmental Health

Any other area recommended by the committee as per National Health Policy/ National Health Goals

Mental Health/Clinical Psychology




  1. Only Indian citizens working in Indian institutes are eligible.
  2. Having M.D./ M.S./ M.D.S. or MBBS/BDS/ MVSc./ M.Sc./ M.Pharma / M.Tech or equivalent with Ph.D. in topic related to health research.
  3. Faculty having at least three experience in the institute as regular employee.
  4. Person with below 45 years of age as on last date of receipt of application
  5. Person should not have any fellowship of one month or above duration from any of the agency of Govt. of India / State Govt in the last three years.
  6. Fellowship is scientist and area specific and cannot be transferred

When and how to submit a proposal:


            The components of the scheme, format of application, eligibility criteria and terms and conditions can be downloaded from the websites of DHR and ICMR (  and