1. Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT) Kharagpur is one of the top Technical Institutes in India. There are about 40 academic units, 11500 students and 650 full-time faculty members. The past seven decades have continually witnessed new and pioneering developments at IIT Kharagpur in the core fields of engineering, basic sciences, architecture, management, law, medical sciences as well as in the field of liberal arts

2. IIT Kharagpur has collaborated with many globally renowned universities to promote mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge. The IIT Kharagpur has entered into formal partnership with top Universities of the world through concluding Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) aimed at fostering increased interaction among faculty and graduate students engaged in areas of mutual interest. Such undertakings aim to promote interaction and collaboration between faculty, staff and students of the two institutions through visits, exchange programme, collaborative research projects etc. It also aims to enhance the technology, social and cultural relations of both countries.

3. Apart from having a proper coursework, an engineering student requires various kinds of experiences which enhance their profile while going out for higher education. Various student exchange programmes which are prevalent across the institutions allow students to have a balanced coursework and technical know-how about the field of their interest. It's like reading about a device and also working on it in the next semester. Most of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT's) have an active body which controls different Student Exchange Programs. IIT Kharagpur has an active relationship with several institutions from Australia, USA, Canada, etc.

4. IIT Kharagpur is inviting students to visit the Institute under the Reciprocal Student Exchange Program. Students are free to choose one or two semester visits, or visits for a shorter duration. They are invited to take courses or engage in research projects as well..

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