Global Tender for procurement of Automatic Microprocessor based CV Meter 


            Central Mine Planning & Design Institute Limited, a subsidiary of Coal India Limited/Govt. of India Public Sector Undertaking, has floated a tender vide Tender Notice No. CMPDI/MM/GT/17-18/007 for procure of following items:

Sl. No.

Description of item

Due date for opening


Supply, Installation, Commissioning & Training of Automatic Microprocessor based CV Meter (Bomb Calorimeter) and Automatic Microprocessor based Carousal Coal Analyzer (TGA). Tender ID: 2018_CMPDI_98327_1.

18.04.2018 at 10.00 am


Supply, Installation, Commissioning & Training of Adsorption Isotherm Equipment for Analysis of Coal, Shale and other Sedimentary Rocks. Tender ID: 2018_CMPDI_98339_1.

17.04.2018 at 11.00 am


Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Field Testing& Training of Geophysical Logger. Tender ID: 2018_CMPDI_98091_1.

19.04.2018 at 11.00 am


Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Field Testing & Training of Ground Penetrating Radar System. (Tender ID: 2018_CMPDI_96990_1.



  1. Tender documents containing technical and commercial details are available on, and For online bidding and details/methodology, may be visited.