Embassy of India


‘National Unity Day Celebrations’

      The Embassy of India, Riyadh organized a public lecture on 31 October, 2017 at the Embassy Auditorium, to celebrate the 142th birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and the National Unity Day. The event was attended by a cross section of the community members, Embassy Officials and their family members. Dr. S.M Shaukat Pervez, principal, Indian International School, Riyadh was the Guest Speaker for the evening.

2.    Addressing the audience, Ambassador H.E Ahmad Javed spoke about Sardar Patel’s contributions towards the Indian freedom struggle and his eminent role in uniting the princely states with India, without any casualties.

3.    He said ‘India, a land of diversity is known for its rich culture, heritage, traditions and its strength lies in ‘Unity in Diversity’. Sardar Patel was crucial in integrating the multi-faceted country into a single fabric of India. He was really a man of Integrity and Integration’.

4.    Ambassador also fondly remembered his days at the Prestigious Indian National Police Academy, which is named after Sardar Patel, the first Home Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of the Independent India. He underlined “Sardar Patel played a crucial role in setting up the ‘All India Services’, called the ‘Steel Frame of India’, which still upholds the integrity of India”.

5.    The Guest Speaker Dr. S. M. Shaukat Pervez spoke on the early life of Sardar Patel, his days as a barrister and commitment to his work, his entry into the Indian Independence movement through the Kheda Satyagraha, his bonding with Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, his tireless efforts in the integration of India and his role as the first Home Minister of Independent India. He called upon the younger generation to recall the efforts and sacrifices made by our freedom fighters, and work with conviction and commitment to contribute to India’s development. Hi speech was full of interesting anecdotes from the inspiring life of Sardar Patel.

6.    A 20 minute English Documentary on ‘Life of Sardar Vallbhbhai Patel’ was played during the event. Also, an another Documentary ‘Uniting India’ highlighting the diverse culture, traditions, geographical landscapes, surge in Services sector, technical prowess, scientific progress and the military might was played enthralling the audience.

7.    Dr. C. Rambabu, Third Secretary (Political & Economic) welcomed the audience and delivered ‘Vote of Thanks’.

8.    Earlier, the Embassy officials led by Ambassador H.E Ahmad Javed took the ‘Rashtriya Ekta Divas’ pledge at 1100 Hrs on the occasion of National Unity Day.